September 2017
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30 Sep 2016 

Common Things That Used To Be Totally Taboo

Taboo is a an act by the society as a Believe it or not, most of the freedom that we enjoy today did not exist just some years back.  There were campaigns, moments and fights to reach where we are today. Some of them are heave, serious topics while others might be light. For example, ladies must feel lucky to be born in today’s day and age as just a few years back, if was taboo for girls even to wear pants. Don’t believe it? Well, it's true. And, so are many other things that we are just going to tell you:

1. Visible bra straps: You beautiful and expensive straps would have to hide, had you been born just some years ago. That’s right, it might be okay to show off those fancy bra straps now, because you know you spent a lot on them, and why should you not show them off? But, just a few years back, it was considered extremely indecent if a bra strap was to be seen in public.

2. Live in relationships: The idea of a live in relationship might still open some mouths in public. Although, in our society, that is Indian society, there are people living in “live in relationships”, they are still not considered as the ideal way and might even be looked down upon by many!

3. Sex talk: Yes, for many years, talking about sex has been a taboo in our society. The topic of sex was so taboo that people would rather ignore the problems and let them increase, than addressing and talking about it. Topics such as effects of Domestic Violence on Children, growing sexual assaults on women have been addressed more in the past.

4. Calls after 10pm: Sometimes, we wish that this was still taboo but alas, we are on our mobiles all the time now and it's become almost necessary to be available to chat all the time. People no longer find it awkward or absurd to call you even at 12 am midnight. And, even if they don’t call you, you can expect a text or even better, a whatsapp at any time. Our professional and personal lives have started demanding from us that we be available on call at all times.

5. Not being heterosexual: All of us can still relate to this, as we can say that this is under progress. We are still on our way to accepting sexualities other than heterosexuals as normal.  We can see positive steps in this direction but we are still to go some more miles before we can say that this is openly accepted now. Being gay/lesbian should and is not anything “abnormal” and should be taken as such.

We might say we are a free country now, but there are still changes and need to take place to be able to call us absolutely free.
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